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Cryptocurrencies have seen a huge growth both in value and in popularity during the last years.
Different blockchains with different ecosystems have become widely accepted as secure, proven and reliable platforms. According to a study of Binance Research1 101 million people have been using cryptocurrencies as of Q3/2020. Cryptocurrencies become more and more accessible via channels like Paypal, trustworthy and easy to use exchange platforms and big companies officially supporting them.
This means: Crypto is about to get mainstream, thus reaching target audiences and markets of billions of people.
And the good thing is: As with every major change in technology and paradigm, crypto brings new chances and opens the door for new business models.
Derived from the decentralized characteristics of (most) blockchains, crypto business models are typically community driven. Tokens or coins represent a share in the community, and the community increases the utility and the value of the token by executing certain
actions the token is intended for.

Is there anything better than a new and exciting opportunity in an insanely growing market?
We think: No.

And this is why we started Appreciate Coin.
Just to grow a community around an easy to understand crypto coin with a clear intention,
providing everybody the chance to participate in the crypto growth.

May 2021
The Team of Appreciate Coin

Appreciate Coin is a community driven project as it is typical for many DeFi projects. This means, there is no classical business model like ‘selling something and making profits of it’. And there is no classical business case with a certain return of investment (ROI).

Instead, the approach is to steadily increase and maximise the utility of Appreciate Coin,making it more valuable for the community of all token holders and people exchanging appreciate Coins.

The utility of Appreciate Coin gets bigger the more people are using the coin and the more
use cases exist it can be easily used for.

What is Appreciate Coin?

Appreciate Coin is a crypto coin you can buy and send to others as a token of appreciation or as a little gift.

Its primary use case is to say ‘thank you’ in forums, blogs, open source projects and any other social communities or projects.

For the receiver a coin is not only a nice gesture, but also an utility token which can be reused and shared with others or be exchanged into other crypto currencies.

So, Appreciate Coin is a fun token?

Of course it is fun to get some Appreciate Coins and share them with others. However Appreciate Coin was released as a long term project aiming to increase the utility and thereby the value of each coin over time.


Lots of people are creating great content in blogs, forums or other social media communities, helping other people to solve their challenges. Others spend a lot of time contributing to open source software used by thousands or millions. All these people deserve our appreciation. And of course this is not limited to people helping out in online communities, but also for people helping others in the offline world.

Use Cases

Award your team members for their good work in a successful project.
Value someone who helped you in a blog, forum or with a Youtube video.
Support a great idea, open source project or whatever you want!

Have you ever wanted to retrieve crypto coins for your work?
With Appreciate Coin, you can make your users donate or even pay in crypto.

Monetize your likes and followers and earn crypto coins for your work!

some advantages of Appreciate Coin

is the coin traded?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ahead!
An Initial Coin Offering of Appreciate Coin. Follow the updates here or follow the valuable coins on Twitter (

As another important step towards an #ICO we received the legal opinion document from our lawyers! It confirms that $APPR is an utility token which is a prerequisite that it can be traded on some major exchanges.

Technically speaking, Appreciate Coin is an Ethereum Token (ERC-20) residing on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain (BEP-20).

Advantages of Ethereum Ecosystem

Running on a secure, open, future-ready crypto blockchain.

HODL Appreciate Coin using your favorite BSC / Ethereum wallet.

And many more…

Trade both at centralized crypto currency exchanges (CEX) and at decentralized marketplaces (DeFi / DEX).
(More information soon!)

Token Distribution

Total number of tokens: 2,200,000

Tokens are distributed in order to empower a valuable coin, further project development and long-term success by also sharing a more than average amount of tokens with the community.

Strategic Objectives

Create a community of people trading and sharing Appreciate Coins. Or just HODLing some coins. The upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at the most common crypto exchanges will be the beginning of this.

Make getting and using Appreciate Coin more easy by integrating Decentralized Applications (DApps) for Wordpress and other widely used community and blogging tools.

Upcoming Activities

Manage your appreciations with an App

Coming soon!
The upcoming Appreciate Coin App will further boost usage of the coin by making it easier to handle trading and sharing.

Directly trade and exchange Appreciate Coin over the most current DeFi platforms (DEX) such as PancakeSwap.

Social media features allow you to share your Appreciate Coins with the world or to send them to others.

The app includes a lightweight crypto wallet, allowing you to safely store your coins with your own keys.

Appreciate Coin on social networks:


Forum Username: Slowwans
Forum Profile Link:;u=2999019




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