InvArch — Intellectual property & decentralized development network joining the Polkadot ecosystem

4 min readJan 11, 2022


what is InvArch.

InvArch is an intellectual property & decentralized development network joining the Polkadot ecosystem. InvArch is the first chain of its kind — allowing users to tokenize their ideas into digital assets and build decentralized partnerships so that they can bring them to life!

What do InvArch expect?

  • Passionate about InvArch and want to help support the project
  • Interested in growing and networking with the InvArch community
  • A Polkadot ecosystem supporter and web 3.0 enthusiast
  • Looking to have a positive impact on the InvArch network

What can you expect?

  • Get support for initiatives that support the InvArch project
  • Creating content like blogs, vlogs, or articles on InvArch
  • Represent your region in the community and at meetups
  • Collaborating with other Ambassadors and community members

InvArch will have working groups for developers, community moderation, content creation, event organization, and localization. Ambassadors will be assigned to these different working groups depending on what they list as their interests when applying to the ambassador program.

  • Early access to online and in person events and (future) hackathons and bounties
  • Direct access to ask questions to the InvArch team and leadership for guidance and support
  • Receive merch for promoting InvArch any and everywhere you go
  • Early-access and the opportunity to earn token rewards for certain ambassador tasks

Turn Your Ideas Into Digital Assets

IP Sets

IP Sets are used to represent ideas and can be seen as a collection of files or components one would use to describe and explain their idea.

IP Tokens

IP Tokens can be documents, images, videos, diagrams, or any other file one would use to portray an idea — stored as NFTs.

IP Ownership

IP Ownership tokens are programmable & fungible multi-utility assets that serve a plethora of use-cases.

InvArch is built using Substrate. This means users will be able to enjoy lightning-fast transaction speeds, minuscule transaction fees, and seamless runtime upgrades — no more bloated network fees and hard forks!

By deploying on Polkadot, InvArch will join a secure & interoperable ecosystem of cutting-edge protocols. In addition to InvArch, users will have full access to these amazing technologies — unleashing a new era of innovation!


InvArch and Polkadot.

The InvArch blockchain and platform will be built utilizing the Substrate
development framework, and the underlying Rust programming language.
The intention behind thesedecisions is to have the InvArch blockchain be deployed to the Polkadot network’s multi-chain ecosystem and parachain relay.


A parachain is an application-specific data structure that is globally coherent and validatable by the validators of the Relay Chain. Most commonly a parachain will take the form of a blockchain, but there is no specific need for them to be actual blockchains.

The InvArch blockchain will be seeking this development path to utilize the benefits of shared security, fast transaction speeds, and interoperability.


The VARCH token is the native token of the InvArch network. It is required for many necessary functions on the chain such as paying gas fees, participating in on-chain governance, minting intellectual property sets, and forming decentralized ventures, among many others.

At genesis, 1 billion VARCH tokens will be minted. InvArch has a target annual inflation rate of 5%. As would be required, VARCH has an uncapped token supply.

The purpose of inflation within the InvArch network is to pay for the continuing need to incentivize security. The primary security budget is to pay for a parachain slot on an ongoing basis and to incentivize collators to provide block production services to support the InvArch network. Of the 5% inflation, 1% will go towards incentivizing collators and 1.5% will go to the parachain bond reserve to accumulate on-chain funds to pay for a parachain slot in perpetuity. The remaining 2.5% will go to users that stake their VARCH tokens and help power the collator selection process.

Fees on InvArch related to transactions and smart contract execution will be handled in two ways. 80% of the spent fees will be burned, which acts as a deflationary force and accrues value which is passed on to existing VARCH holders based on the rate the network is being utilized. 20% of the fees will go to the on-chain treasury which can be allocated via on-chain governance to projects and initiatives which further the adoption of and engagement with the network.